My Sony E3 2010 keynote digest

E3 has come around again so soon (it appears), or am I just getting older?  Bah, humbug.  Anyhow, after Sony’s kitchen-sink-approach to keynotes and surprises I’ll only highlight in brief a few items that have piqued my interest:

PlayStation Move

Speaking of the devil, the Move has finally been priced and dated which ‘moves’ it out of the vapourware category.  Should be an interesting direction to take the PS3, but who exactly is it aimed at?  If it’s mainly children, then they’ve already got the Wii, and for parents the Wii is a heck of a lot cheaper.  This concerns me.

I’ll qualify the above with a caveat though: the PlayStation has the best tech in this area now.  Way more accurate (1:1 tracking) than anything the Wii can offer with better graphics and sound to boot, and more tactile than the Xbox 360’s Project Natal Kinect product.  I’m sorry, but waving your arms about can be hit and miss whilst gaming whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a casual one.  That’s just the way it is.

Killzone 3

The graphics should be spectacular, and it has support for PlayStation Move.

3D gaming has arrived

This isn’t really a big deal for me, as I don’t buy into the whole 3D spiel just yet.  However I can’t argue with the fact that this is potentially another exciting avenue for the PS3 (and gaming in general) to be going down.

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In Brief: Can the new Medal of Honor live up to expectations?

I’m always on the lookout for another FPS to play (and that’s not including all I’ve got left to complete in Modern Warfare 2).  And so I’m getting pretty excited about the new Medal of Honor video game.  Details are currently scarce, and there’s just that one image of a bearded badass dude, released a couple of months ago.  I’m intrigued.  I just hope it can live up to the expectations people are going to have for it.  There’ll also be the Modern Warfare comparison.  Explosive stuff.

Going a bit further, I’m interested about the mention of these mysterious so-called ‘Tier One Operators’.  Using these personnel, the new Medal of Honor has the potential to weave a powerful, multi-layered story alongside the mandatory solid gameplay.  Modern Warfare 2 provided this calibre of gameplay in spades, but the main story campaign was somewhat lacking.  Just some thoughts I wanted to jot down.  Share yours!

Top 5 games to watch out for in 2010

I’m finding that 2010 is whizzing along at a brisk pace and for the most part, I’ve just been left in its wake with my mouth wide open.  Not anymore.  I’m currently working my way through finishing off the achievements for existing games such as inFamous, Burnout Paradise and Assassin’s Creed II.  But there’s something missing.  What’s next?

And so, I turned my mind to the upcoming games that are due to hit us this year.  I’ve not picked any favourites, but rather games that are all unique and special in some way.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

My pick

1) MAG (Massive Action Game) [PS3 Only]

To kick off this list, you can’t get more unique than a game that can support up to 256 players at once in online multiplayer.  MAG is available now, but time will tell if this innovative genre has legs.  Warhawk blazed the trail and SOCOM: Confrontation took the combat to the ground, but Zipper Interactive might have truly combined the best of both worlds to create a slice of gaming heaven.  The question on my lips is whether people are going to be bothered enough to ditch the sublime Modern Warfare 2?  I suspect not.

2) Halo: Reach [Xbox 360 Only]

After the damp squib that was Halo 3: ODST, Halo fans are hoping that the swan song for the franchise will go out with a bang.  The Halo series pretty much defined online multiplayer gaming for Xbox Live and has been one of the most successful online franchise of this generation.  Whatever your thoughts are on FPS games or online multiplayer, Halo is, and will remain a big deal for this year.

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