My gaming history

I suppose I only really started gaming in earnest on the PSone. I had an Atari and a Commodore 64, but was probably a bit too young for them really. The PS2 is the console in which I have had some of the most memorable gaming moments, too numerous to mention. I have also been gaming on the PC on-off for several years now as well; Half-Life, Age of Empires, Halo etc. Yea, got really addicted to Halo online multiplayer for the PC, and the hype which surrounded Halo 2 persuaded me into blowing £200 on an original Xbox. Wasn’t too keen, to be honest. Next I sampled the delights of the PSP and found out what true portable gaming meant. Best bit? GTA multiplayer!

Lastly, that brings me to the PS3. I almost, almost caved into getting an Xbox 360, I was so close. At the time the PS3 seemed like it was never going to launch, and the PS3 was finally released at a staggeringly high price of £420!! That was eye-watering and I gave up hope of ever owning one. However during Christmas 2007 I got a 40Gb PS3 off Santa seeing as I was a poor student, he must have taken pity on me, or something. With breathtaking graphics, unique and exclusive games, free online play, the best controller in the world(tm), and solid build quality- the PS3 is now my primary gaming platform of choice.  After the Blu-Ray drive failed around Christmas 2008 it was swapped for an 80Gb model.  That brings me right up to the present day.