Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 Teaser is Real-Time

Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 Teaser is Real-Time– If you read the article, it’s absolutely true.  It was the same with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune which is probably why it earned accolades of best-looking game.  Seriously though, on top of everything else, the visuals in this series are something rather special to behold.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Revealed

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Revealed– Words cannot describe how excited I am about this.  The original Uncharted was everything I loved about games: great plot, an amazing sound track, visuals to die for, and super-tight controls.  In other words, the perfect package.  I can’t wait to find out more about Uncharted 2!

Joe Flanigan should play Nathan Drake

This is my response to the news that Avi Arad will be producing an Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune film.

Immediately after playing Uncharted for the first time, I had always thought that Nathan Drake more or less looked like, and sounded exactly like Joe Flanigan.  It looks like I’m not the only one who thinks this.  Joe Flanigan is perhaps best known (in my mind anyway) for his portrayal of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis.  I was initially going to provide side-by-side comparisons of them, but why bother?  If you ‘Google’ both names, you’ll soon see the similarity.  Also, if you hop on to YouTube, there might some clips of them both ‘in action’ so to speak.

Even if you’ve never played Uncharted or never watched Stargate Atlantis, then this is still relevant to you.  Whilst many videogame-to-film translations haven’t gone particularly well, this one should be a fantastic film.  Why?  Well Uncharted happens to have a particularly strong plot with plenty of twists and turns.  You could call it Tomb Raider-esque, but with way more substance.  The truly crucial factor though, is that the writers don’t deviate too far from the source material.  The source material is already gold.

If anyone knows what I’m on about, then please let me know what you think.  I’d love to have a chat about this!

The making of Uncharted: In-depth

The making of Uncharted: In-depth– Absolutely fascinating read; especially to an Uncharted fanatic such as myself.  Check out the video at the end, it offers a real insight into the development process.  Of course, there’s more goodness like this to unlock on the game disk.  Completely worth it.