Holy Crap! Doom 4 announced

Holy Crap! Doom 4 announced– Says PC gaming site Big Download.  I’ve never played Doom, probably because I’d be too scared.  Whatever you think, this news is HUGE.  Back in the day Doom 3 set the benchmark for quality graphics and being a thoughtful remake of the original Doom, was well received.

One thought on “Holy Crap! Doom 4 announced”

  1. I actually think Doom 3 didn’t get enough credit, and was game of the year for me. It was scary, graphics and sound effects were sublime, and while it was a little short, there was plenty in it to make you want to play it a few times.

    I imagine the specs for Doom 4 are going to be through the roof like Crysis though, hope not. Can’t wait for a trailer though 😀

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