A peripheral too far?

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good peripheral as much as the next person but seriously, another one?  As well as the standard PS3 console with controller, I have two additional controllers for multiplayer, a PlayStation Eye, the obligatory bluetooth headset and a bluetooth chat pad that clips onto whatever controller you’re using.  So now I’m to fork out for a PlayStation Move controller and possibly the ‘Nav controller’?

Of course though, if you want any kind of offline multiplayer experiences with your shiny new toy you’re going to have to buy multiple controllers.  You’re not too bad if you plump for the ‘PlayStation Move Starter Pack‘ that Amazon is selling for £39.99.  Which isn’t bad value considering you get the move controller, a PlayStation Eye, and a starter disc.  What I find incredible though, is that for someone like me who already owns the PlayStation Eye, the standalone Move controller still retails for £38.  Unbelievable.

So, even if I buy the Starter Pack just to spite Sony and bag some extra swag that I don’t really need, I still can’t buy any additional controllers without spending a small fortune.  The icing on the cake that I’ve been saving until now though is the ‘PlayStation Move-Charging Stand’, which is yours for a mere £27.75.  Which trust me, you’ll need as there’s only so many items you can fit around your PS3 on charge.

So, is the PlayStation Move a peripheral too far?  Well sure, whilst I reserve my right to grumble at the price, I’ll probably end up getting one in future anyway.  All as I need is a compelling reason to get one.  Move support for Heavy Rain has me interested, as does SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3.  Those are good incentives!  On top of that, plenty of existing games are getting patched for Move support.  This could be interesting.

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