Have you tried renting games instead?

This is a brief summary of my experience with LoveFilm, and how the service started well, but went a bit downhill.  Now, I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and my conclusion may surprise you: it wasn’t really their fault.  My initial dilemma was that there weren’t really any games out there that I fancied buying at all, never mind at full price, but I’d certainly rent them!  LoveFilm had been advertising on TV for (what seemed like) years and I thought I’d give them a try.

The real problem with LoveFilm is that it’s games package doesn’t really work.  This is through no fault of their own, it’s just the nature of the beast.  Games tend to be out ‘on hire’ for far longer than films, so the chances of you receiving a popular game that’s just come out are few and far between.  My rental list had a good mixture of films and games, but because the games were almost always unavailable, I kept on receiving films instead.  Based on the service I received, I would definitely recommend loveFilm if you’re after renting films, particularly Blu-Ray films as the rental packages available represent outstanding value for money.

I just see very little value in paying extra for the games packages when you don’t stand a fair chance of receiving any games for weeks at a time.  So, have you tried renting games?  Are you thinking about it?  Drop me a line in the comments section below.