Buy games cheaper with the InvisibleHand

Feel like you’re paying too much for games?  Then you probably are.  If you’re popping into your local HMV, Game, or supermarket then you are almost definitely probably paying too much!

Sure, you may get a good deal in your supermarket or local entertainment store if they’ve got a particular game on offer.  However this tends to be the exception to the rule.  So what’s a thrifty gamer to do?

One option which is a particular favourite of mine, is if you can hold off on buying a game, then do so!  If you wait a few weeks to a couple of months games can fall significantly in price.  Yet this doesn’t help the thrifty gamer who needs their wallet saving from a day-one purchase, or a game that’s recently come out.

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Sony on PS3 price: We’ve a business to run

Sony on PS3 price: We’ve a business to run– And people have got food to buy, fuel bills to pay.  I’d say a PS3 could be considered a luxury these days.  In all honesty, I agree that Sony have some fantastic games coming in the pipeline, but the Xbox 360 is sooo much cheaper.  Why should Sony waste the momentum they’ve currently got?