Hands-on with Zuma for the PlayStation Network

Zuma is another one of Pop Cap Games’ classics that has made its way on to the PlayStation Store.  In  contrast with Bejeweled 2, I haven’t had previous gaming experience with this strange new animal.  So much so in fact, I discover that this game isn’t new at all, its a few years old, which figures.

The gameplay however, is what I’d like to describe as ‘hardcore classic’.  It’s one of those games where the controls and the gameplay are just so ‘spot on’ that all that’s stopping your progression or high scores is your gaming ability.  This allows for some serious hardcore gaming sessions, the likes of which I don’t think I’ll be able to muster!  Why?  Read on…

The concept of Zuma (like many classic games) is simple.  There are different colured balls following a winding track that eventually leads to a skull where upon arrival at the skull: it’s game over.  Standing between you and almost certain doom is a friendly little frog (which I guess is either Aztec or Mayan in origin, hence the name ‘Zuma’ but that’s not particularly important when considering the merits of the game) which you can spin in any direction, firing out the same coloured balls from it’s mouth.  Match 3 or more of the same coloured balls in a row, and the snaking coloured balls that you matched will disappear whilst the remaining balls making their way to the skull will be pulled backwards to close the gap, giving you precious extra time.

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Hands-on with Bejeweled 2 for the PlayStation Network

I was given the wonderful opportunity to try out Bejeweled 2 , which has been ported to the PS3 and has been available on the PlayStation Network for just a couple of weeks now, joining the Xbox 360 version on the Xbox Live Arcade.  What am I doing looking at a relatively small PlayStation Network title?  Well, if you know where to look on the PlayStation Store, you can find a few gems.  Ahem.

The real reason I couldn’t pass on trying this game is that I am a total Bejeweled addict.  I’ve played the flash version on my PC, I’ve got it on my iPod Nano, my iPod touch, and now, the PS3.  This actually gives me a unique perspective from which to look at some finer details in the game.

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