The Saboteur

The Saboteur is one of those games that was always on my radar.  Released in early December, however I was already engrossed with Assassin’s Creed II and Modern Warfare 2 so The Saboteur got put on a back-burner.  It gets to March and I’ve been putting the finishing touches to completing Burnout Paradise and inFamous.  So, what next?

I compiled a list of what I was thinking of playing next and eventually decided to spend my hard-earned cash on The Saboteur and Call of Juarez.  I wanted to tackle Call of Juarez first, but I found it hard to get into.  It’s basically a FPS Western, but I’ve felt a bit saturated with a lot of FPS games recently.  Besides, I really like my third-person shooters and action/adventure games.  So The Saboteur it was…

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