For all new PS3 owners

Updated 27th June 2009

Want inspiration for what to do initially as a new PS3 owner?  Step right this way… I’ve jotted some points down covering various areas that might be of use, and tips that I’ve found helpful to get up and running quickly, but also to provide the most enjoyment:

  • The first switch-on– immediately get connected to the internet either by a wired or wireless connection.  You might need a system update for a start, and it’s pretty much essential for updating your games with the latest patches/improvements.  (See if you want clear and detailed guidance.)
  • Sign up to the PlayStation Network (it’s free!) and get yourself a PlayStation Network ID, which will give you access to the PlayStation Store, the ability to start collecting Trophies, PlayStation Home and most crucially perhaps, the ability to play against other people online.
  • Try a great game– Now is the time to try a great game that will show off what the PS3 is all about: personally, I’d recommend Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, LittleBigPlanet, and Metal Gear Solid 4, to name but a few.  Visuals like you’ve never seen before.  At least rent one of these titles!  If you’d like a wider selection to choose from, and you’re in a bit of a hurry, you can’t go far wrong with No Fuss Reviews.
  • Stay in the loop– If you want the inside scoop straight from the horse’s mouth, than you can do no better than paying PlayStation.Blog.US and PlayStation.Blog.Europe a visit.  For regular news, there’s Joystiq and TheSixthAxis.  Or for a more personal take on everything there’s always good old reliable Los Havros.  Ahem.
  • Go beyond– The beauty about gaming on the PS3 is that the experience is as deep and rich as you want it to be: sample free demos or purchase extra content on the PlayStation Store, mix and mingle with people in PlayStation Home, go it alone in-game, or go out and play on the PlayStation Network.  For those feeling a bit philanthropic, then do some good with your PS3 and number-crunch protein folding for Folding@Home that is contained within Life With PlayStation.
My top tip: Want to chat to other gamers online, but don’t have a PlayStation headset?  If you have a bluetooth headset for your mobile phone lying around, charge it up and sync it with your PS3.  Sorted!

8 thoughts on “For all new PS3 owners”

  1. Yoyoyo Mr Havros, good timing with the post 😉

    Looks like I've pretty much covered all your points, but switching on your PS3 for the first time can be overwhelming. Unfortunately I've not had the pleasure of visiting Home; it just won't connect for me. I'm not overly fussed, though, as Avatars and interaction with others isn't a major thing for me. Playing games is, however, and Uncharted is… Well, wow. One thing I will say is that I'm surprised a headset doesn't come bundled with the console considering how conventional online MP is these days.

  2. Yea, I had a post like this in the pipeline for post-E3, but seen as you picked up a PS3 yourself, I brought the article forward so that it would be of some use for you! Hmm… at this stage I wouldn't call being in Home a pleasure per se, as it still has connectivity issues, with me anyway. Btw, you connected your PS3 up with a wired connection, or wireless?

    I'm glad you're loving Uncharted as it blew me away too. Visuals, the musical score, the depth of the characters, atmosphere etc- all amazing. Out of interest, how far have you got so far? :p

    With the headset, I know exactly what you mean, although I can't say I really chat that much online. I usually shoot and ask questions later! To be honest, that could be part of a future PS3 bundle, but I think in Europe at least, SCEE are having supply issues amongst other things.

  3. I'm wireless. Does that have something to do with it? My connection times out.

    As for Uncharted, I have just spotted Elena after the plane crash. Off to find her now! Well, not right now, I've gotta make a living first.

  4. Yea, I've been wireless with the PS3 for many months and it's mostly fine, but sometimes it can lose connection with the PlayStation Network at the worst possible time. That's what I've found anyway. I've been annoyed enough to get it wired up.

    Ah, cool. Absolutely plenty of twists and turns yet to come! Savour it!

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