New round of The Game begins

You may have heard of ‘The Game’ from PlayStation. It’s a vast array of online mini-game challenges for your PC or Mac – ranging from old-school arcade games to hard to guess quizzes. The site is here at –

I’ve been contacted from PlayStation, and this is what they’ve had to say:

The Game is a global game between two teams, Team A and Team B. We launched it back in January and since it has been played by thousands of people globally fighting it out in either Team A or Team B, creating their own leagues, their own challenges and generally having a lot of fun. The first round ended a couple of weeks ago with Team A scoring on the top of the leader board and ultimately winning the Game.

We have Facebook pages for each teams, where you can meet the team captains and other players.

Team B –

Team A –

I’ve been told that there’s a PS3 game voucher up for grabs, so I’ll see if we can arrange a giveaway of some sort.

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