Lost in a Haze?

Yes, perhaps ‘Haze‘ is an apt name for such a game.  Wikipedia defines haze as:

…traditionally an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and other dry particles obscure the clarity of the sky.

Did the developers have a clear idea about what they were aiming for then?  I like my first person shooters (FPS) to feel solid.  Haze is instantly confusing and the demo left me feeling quite removed from the action and not at all in control, unlike sublime FPS games such as the Halo series, Killzone, Red Faction, the Half Life series, Resistance: Fall of Man– I could go on.  What do these games share in common?  Generally great story lines aside, the gameplay is solid.  Everything from movement to firing weapons just feels right.


I can’t really offer a rational explanation of why I don’t like Haze so much, but as soon as I picked up the pad and played the Haze demo I knew within the first few minutes that it was a bad egg.  What adds insult to injury is the fact that even after months of delays, the graphics aren’t anything special either.  Unfortunately this is not a PS3 exclusive to be proud about.  My gut feeling?  Disappointed- I had been looking forward to this game.  Looks like I’ll give this one a miss then.

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