In Brief: Can the new Medal of Honor live up to expectations?

I’m always on the lookout for another FPS to play (and that’s not including all I’ve got left to complete in Modern Warfare 2).  And so I’m getting pretty excited about the new Medal of Honor video game.  Details are currently scarce, and there’s just that one image of a bearded badass dude, released a couple of months ago.  I’m intrigued.  I just hope it can live up to the expectations people are going to have for it.  There’ll also be the Modern Warfare comparison.  Explosive stuff.

Going a bit further, I’m interested about the mention of these mysterious so-called ‘Tier One Operators’.  Using these personnel, the new Medal of Honor has the potential to weave a powerful, multi-layered story alongside the mandatory solid gameplay.  Modern Warfare 2 provided this calibre of gameplay in spades, but the main story campaign was somewhat lacking.  Just some thoughts I wanted to jot down.  Share yours!

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