Back to Modern Warfare 3

After the glut of top quality games that came out in quarter 4 of 2011, my play through of Uncharted 3 in January (including snagging that elusive Platinum) and my brief attack of Arkham City in February (I’ll get back to it), I’ve spent the early part of 2012 teaching some punks a lesson on Modern Warfare 3.

I’ve actually got enough content in Modern Warfare 3 to keep me going for most of the year: there’s the single player campaign to complete on Veteran, the Special Ops missions that I haven’t even had a chance to look at yet, and multiplayer to prestige at least once.

Since coming back to Modern Warfare 3 I’ve found myself playing one of the new game types introduced in this iteration, Kill Confirmed.  I prefer Kill Confirmed to most other game types as it tends to favour my preferred gameplay style which is close-quarters with an assault rifle or sub machine gun.  Those afraid to get their boots muddy need not apply.

So overall on the gaming front I’m lying low so far this year.  I’m going to try the new maps for Modern Warfare 3 and see if I can otherwise get my money’s worth out of this Call of Duty Elite subscription I’m signed up for.  The only game temping my wallet so far is The Jak and Daxter Trilogy.

So, what are you up to so far this year in video game land?

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