In Brief: Teamwork is key

Had a blast playing some split-screen Modern Warfare 2 with three players (myself included). During a free-for-all there were complaints that I had the bottom half of the screen to myself, with the other two players just having a measly quarter each. Complaints duly noted, so I suggested we have a team death match with the pair of them squaring off against me. It was a whitewash.

I gave them such a pasting that they don’t really want to talk about it afterwards! Whilst I acknowledge that I’m no pro gamer, I do offer some tips so that your team functions: 1) actually communicate with each other so that; 2) you can actually flank someone, 3) you don’t both go down the same narrow alley as you’ll both be blown to pieces by a grenade, and 4) you don’t throw a flash bang grenade in close proximity leaving your team sitting ducks. That is all.

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