What I’ve been playing this Winter

You might say that it’s been a rather slow couple of months for gaming.  Of course, there’s been loads of gaming news going on but I’m not a news website and in all honesty I haven’t really been bothered passing comment on any news items.

However…   I do have an opinion on the whole Next Generation Portable/PSP2 situation, but it’s going to have to wait until I get round to scribbling something for an article on ‘The future of portable gaming’.

The Nintendo 3DS is also a non-event for me as it’s more-or-less a DS but with 3D capabilities isn’t it?  You can change the memory card format it takes and call it a new console, but come on.  After the innovation with the Wii I have to say that Nintendo has really dropped the ball with this one.  Again, I’m not going to explain why until my future article on portable gaming.

Enough of any shameless plugging- what have I been upto?  I could probably just say ‘Need for Speed’ and leave it at that!  Whilst I can confirm that I’ve been playing a ridiculous amount of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit since Christmas, I’ve also played a fair amount of Red Dead Redemption too.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Let’s just face it- the gameplay is addictive, and the game has loads of replay value.  I recently managed to get the elusive Platinum Trophy which wasn’t hard to obtain at all, but you had to put the hours in.  The expansion packs have been great to play with, albeit they’re on the pricey side for what you get.  Criterion really are masters of their art.

Red Dead Redemption

I’ll talk about Red Dead Redemption briefly for now, but it’s kept me really entertained.  Initially I struggled with the control setup (particularly on the horse) and yearned for the simple-yet-powerful controls that the Assassin’s Creed series uses but I’ll admit I’ve got used to it and don’t mind it too much now.

Make no mistake- this game is huge!  I’ve poured many hours into the game, only to find that I’m probably only an eighth of the way through the story.  I’ve only briefly touched the online mode, but I’m only going to dabble with it further when I’m more proficient in the main game.

I’m so impressed with Red Dead Redemption that I’m definitely going to get Red Dead Nightmare.  You can’t beat a few zombies to scare you to death!

What have you been up to recently?

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