Shoot! away

Hello there everyone, I’ve been contacted by the good guys at PlayStation about Shoot!  Without further ado, I present the info straight from the horse’s mouth:

I was just browsing your blog and thought that this would be of interest to you and your readers. It’s an online project for PlayStation 3 called Shoot!.

It brings six of the most promising international directorial talents together with the six of the most respected names in the film industry today, to make six short films commissioned exclusively for PlayStation.

Some of these films are already available and some will be released later this month through the PlayStation Network (available in High Definition through a PS3 or PSP) or 7 days later at (in standard definition).

Each week one of the films will be released to download (for free) along with further video content which tells the story of how that film was made, from its pitch to its production and interviews with the respective directors.

This is the kind of rich, value-added content that will entice users to make the most of the PlayStation Network and show that it can provide a wealth of great content, not limited to downloadable games.  I came across Shoot! at the weekend whilst perusing the PlayStation Store, but I didn’t know about this dedicated website.

Aside from the standard ‘this is good for PlayStation’ spiel, the content itself is very interesting and sheds light on how each respective director approached the creative process and the techniques used to achieve their vision.  Even for those who don’t have a PS3, videos are up on– well worth a look.

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