Taking Liberties

Yes, I own GTA IV, but have I really played it yet?  Absolutely not.  At the time of GTA IV’s release, I was happily engrossed in playing Race Driver: GRID.  At the back of my mind from previous experience of past GTA titles, was that each games requires an enormous investment of time.  An investment I wasn’t willing to make without Trophies.

You’re probably thinking “Yes, Los Havros has really done it this time.  He’s finally sold himself out, putting thoughts of Trophies before the game itself”.  Fair enough, but this is my rationale for doing this.  The only game that I’ve been willing to play through for possibly the 4th or 5th time for Trophies has been Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.  Yet Uncharted has nowhere near the number of hours of gameplay that GTA IV has.

If I had already played through GTA IV, I doubt that I’d start from scratch again just for Trophies.  I’ve even seen quite a large number of posts from gamers who have stated exactly that.  Secondly, my time is precious these days.  I don’t actually have enough time to play each game in turn for 100% completion.  Even a game that I have actually completed like Uncharted, hasn’t been completed 100% as I haven’t collected all the Trophies for it yet.

So I suppose either over the Christmas period or through 2009 I vow to make a start on GTA IV by completing as much of the story as I can, and see how far through the Trophy system I can make it.  This isn’t a cast iron promise though, as something may inevitably crop up (there’s also the new ‘easier’ patch for PixelJunk Eden to consider).  But there you go.  I swear that after I’ve finished my degree I’ll be king of the jungle gym… of gaming.  Possibly.

Anyone got any games they haven’t yet started, but they’re going to have a decent crack at this Christmas?

2 thoughts on “Taking Liberties”

  1. I’ve had Condemned 2 sitting in my drawer for a few months now, but I doubt I’ll even get round to it this Christmas with the games I’m receiving as gifts. Considering I work from home and am self employed, it’s ridiculous how much time I actually have to game yet I still have games I haven’t started! So I can’t imagine how limited your time is with Uni and not even living with your console.

  2. At times, it’s torture. In 1st + 2nd year, I even made do without a TV! The only solace is that I brought a PSP with me, with LocoRoco and Patapon. I’ve had so much mileage out of Patapon, a simple-yet-detailed game with a lot of depth.

    Erm, I suppose the biggest way that I’ve had to cope, is to keep my games collection relatively short. And I have a stash of games that I haven’t managed to complete 100%. Who knows when I’ll get round to them?!

    Then there’s Warhawk which always begs for my attention. So this Christmas, I won’t actually be buying any more new games. I’ve got more than enough to be getting on with!

    EDIT: Forgot to add; lack of a console, I can cope with… but I would probably commit serious crimes in return for a decent internet connection where I’m living! Dial-up speed is no joke + keep going to the library is not exactly ideal.

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