Quiting Games

How one badly-placed checkpoint made Ars Technica wonder… what makes us walk away from games?  This is a fascinating area of debate within gaming.  Their superb article ‘Why we quit: the moments that push us away from gaming’ is well-worth a read, and merits further discussion.  I can totally relate.  Bad checkpoint placement for example, can ruin a game’s flow.  How do you feel on this?

2 thoughts on “Quiting Games”

  1. I hate it. I don’t get to a difficult point in a film or book and have to stop. It’s terrible that it happens in a medium that has a much higher price point too. It needs to be handled much better in games.

    1. Yea, I fancy looking into this a bit more, as there's many other reasons in games apart from just badly placed checkpoints. Totally- if you've paid £40 (as a rough figure) for a game… boy are you going to be pissed if it's unplayable. It makes me wonder how such games pass QA (Quality Assurance, or 'quality control' for those who want to know).

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