Uncharted 2 could not happen on Xbox 360

Ars Technica has a detailed and informative interview with Christophe Balestra, co-president of Naughty Dog about why Uncharted 2 couldn’t be made on the 360; involving the technology utilised behind the scences, but crucially Naughty Dog’s role and responsibility of being a first party developer and how their experience feeds into the wider developer community.

Quiting Games

How one badly-placed checkpoint made Ars Technica wonder… what makes us walk away from games?  This is a fascinating area of debate within gaming.  Their superb article ‘Why we quit: the moments that push us away from gaming’ is well-worth a read, and merits further discussion.  I can totally relate.  Bad checkpoint placement for example, can ruin a game’s flow.  How do you feel on this?