3D Gaming Revolution

A guest post by Robert Elliot of Button-basher.com.

For those old enough to remember, stereoscopic 3D gaming is nothing new.  Sega’s Master System was one of the first attempts of 3D gaming and came with a pair of very unsuccessful and unsupported 3D glasses.  Then there was the 3D gaming effort from Nintendo, the rather disastrous Virtual Boy came with 3D goggles that didn’t help enhance the 3D gaming experience at all.

Even after all of this, there’s still a sense recently that this is the first time 3D gaming has really come of age. The equipment we’re starting to see come out is fantastic and really impressive so people’s expectations have risen with regards to what they want from their 3D tech now.  It could also be the case that there is more of a hardcore games market that’s becoming more and more about HD graphics and is also looking for something new.  Perhaps it’s all of the publicity that 3D work is getting with the film industries renewed interest in stereoscopic film.

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