Black Ops connection problems: my chat with Activision

This is a follow-on post from Call of Duty: Black Ops connection problems.  Whilst my previous post was more of a way to vent my frustration, as amusing as it may have been, I wasn’t been constructive.  I don’t want to sue anyone or go marching in the streets about this issue, I just want the game fixed.

And so, after threatening to ring Activision in the aforementioned post, I actually did.  My ‘incident’ got logged as ‘Black Ops is freezing when I play multiplayer online on my Playstation 3’.  There’s more to it than that, but freezing is my main concern.  It’s one thing to be kicked out of a match due to erroneous connection problems, but it’s another thing entirely to have your PS3 completely frozen, and having to reset it.

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The Stone Age Gamer

This article originally appeared on TheSixthAxis on July 25, 2008

Let’s talk tasty treats for a moment, shall we?  The general consensus is that as tasty as vanilla is, it just has to be chocolate.  Chocolate is so much richer and decadent than vanilla.  Right- keep those thoughts of ice cream and chocolate in the back of your mind for the minute.  All shall be revealed in due course…

I had a discussion the other day with a fellow PS3 gamer.  You’d have thought that we perhaps shared common ground?  Wrong.  Very wrong indeed.  I was talking to this gamer about the latest PS3 update and the Trophy system that had been added.  I received a blank look.  That wasn’t a good sign, I thought.

I then venture out and ask whether he’s played online at all with his PS3.  He said he hadn’t.  It turns out that he hasn’t even registered with the PlayStation Network!  This means, my friends, that he has not experienced the soft, blue glow of the PlayStation Store containing all the latest PS3 game demos, PSN games, film trailers, themes and more.  He will also not be able to collect Trophies without registering, let alone play any games online- the bread and butter of the online experience.

I mentioned all of this to him.  He didn’t care.  He told me that he ‘just wants to play games’.  I have to admit that it had never occured to me until now that there were gamers out there who didn’t care about what else they could do apart from play games.  In my opinion they are not getting the fullest, richest experience.  They are munching on plain vanilla ice cream.

I however, am indulging on the rich chocolate experience of the PlayStation Network which is a glorious feast for the senses and showcases some simply cracking entertainment.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This writer is a trully next generation gamer, not stuck in the Stone Age.

This leaves me wondering: which category do you fall under?  And do you know any other gamers who are like this?  Feel free to leave a comment on this subject, or send me some hate mail if I’ve really rattled some cages.  Till next time!

PSN hits one million accounts in Japan

PSN hits one million accounts in Japan– Whilst nowhere near as high as Xbox Live numbers (obviously) these numbers are encouraging and there’s room for solid growth.  What has been noted however, is that these numbers represent half the number of PS3 owners which begs the question- what are the other half doing?  A PSN account doesn’t just mean online gaming, but extra game content, game trailers, demos, film trailers, themes, wallpapers etc.