Joystiq’s Instrument Compatibility Matrix

Joystiq’s Instrument Compatibility Matrix– I never knew that such a comprehensive database had been built up.  Such a useful resource, that I’ve added it as a link under ‘resources’ on the homepage.  It’s great to know that my Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul is compatible with everything.  YES!

New Peripherals Update: Wireless Keypad and AC Adaptor

New Peripherals Update: Wireless Keypad and AC Adaptor– I thought that these peripherals wouldn’t be released for months in the UK, but they are actually available now!  They’re even reasonably priced, on anyway.  As my bro is playing Santa this year, I’ve asked him if he could snag the wireless keypad and bluetooth headset for me.  Players of Warhawk, you have been warned.  I am coming!