Gaming on the rise

With recent talk of gaming slumps reverberating across the blogosphere, I read them and can totally relate, having to effectively abstain from any meaningful amount of gaming for the past few months and feeling my self-worth as a gamer shrivel.

So I tried to rack my brains for the antonym of ‘slump’ and the best I could come up with, with the help good-old Google, was ‘rise’.  To me this conjures up images of well, rising: a return, upping the ante, stepping up to the plate etc.  I think you get what I’m trying to say!  I trully believe that this summer I will in fact be stepping up to the plate, and seeing what I’m made of, gaming wise.  After an abence of months from the gaming world, my appetitie for gaming has not diminished, but altogether increased, becoming positively insatiable.

From what I can remember, or deem relevant to bother about from my collection, I’ve still yet to get my teeth properly sunk into Grand Theft Auto IV, I haven’t even put the BioShock disc into my PS3 yet, and Fallout 3 is staring at me, daring me to get my ass handed to me again.  So, that’s a fair amount to be getting on with, right?  So instead of tackling these mighty games I go and get Tomb Raider: Underworld, Prince of Persia, and SOCOM: Confrontation.

I got SOCOM purely because it was £40 with the official PlayStation bluetooth headset which worked out to be good value.  So far with Tomb Raider, I’ve found the controls to be a bit lumpy and it has endless bugs, so I’m going to wait until it is patched which comes with Trophies as a bonus.  So at least I can be adequately rewarded for my torture gameplay.

Out went the Tomb Raider disc, and in went Prince of Persia, which has to be the gem amongst the games I’ve bought recently.  Sure, it’s ridiculously easy in most parts, apart from some of the insane button-mashing that goes on in the boss battles.  I’m going to call it ‘fast-food gaming’ simply because it’s instantly fun, easy to get the hang of, and looks gorgeous, but at the same time there isn’t actually much there.  I’ll go on to mention more about Prince of Persia in a future post after I’ve played more of the game.

So, that’s my plan for the Summer gaming-wise.  Whilst I’ve got plenty of other things going on, I’m going to try and pack in as much gaming around everything!  So, now I’ve publicly launched the challenge I’ve set myself, is any one else going to ‘step up to the plate’ in their gaming this summer?

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