My experience with the PlayStation Store (PC)

This post was originally written on the City In The Clouds blog.

This isn’t a review or an in-depth analysis. I just liked to get that out of the way before dispensing with some brief and concise thoughts and opinions on the availability of the PlayStation Store on the PC. Shall we begin?

Firstly, the availability of the PlayStation Store on the PC is very welcome. I had been growing increasingly frustrated that only PS3 users were able to download PSone games to their PSP. Now that the store is here though, I find my thoughts on it somewhat divided.

Whilst I now don’t feel as much as a second class PSP citizen (due to not owning a PS3), I have to admit that the site runs like Linford Christie… slipping on a banana skin. That’s just not well at all, if you need telling. It is sooo slow, which is unbelievable. Neither am I keen on the design- looks almost crude, if that makes sense.

Buying games is easy enough, if you have already have a PlayStation account. As is the download process to your PSP which is done via a special PSP download client. The other content is free, but sparse. That goes for the store as a whole (in the UK anyway), in that there is not really much there. Simply put more on there and the people will come. The store has great potential, I figure it just needs time for more content, but to be honest this should have been available a lot sooner.

The games are a different matter; I have purchased one PSP game and an original PSone game. My conclusions? Find out next time…

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