Hands-on with Core Blaster & PSN code giveaway

Let’s jump right in, shall we?  Core Blaster is a recently released minis game for both the PSP and PS3.  To celebrate the recent launch of the game, the developers have given me 10 PSN codes to give away to my readers.

Core Blaster can best be described as Zuma-meets-PixelJunk Monsters.  On each level there are incoming waves of radioactive cores that you’ve got to stop reaching the other side, and they travel on rails.  Along these rails you’ve to purchase and build ‘core blasters’.  Cores come in multiple colours, and core blasters can only shoot cores of the same colour.

Later levels see single colour-only rails, and fast rails which speed up the cores.  The trick is that you’ve to carefully manage the location, amount, and type of blasters to ensure that as few cores as possible elude destruction.  Each blaster can only attack one core at once, so you’ve got to choose tactics wisely!

If this sounds a bit confusing, it really isn’t.  The controls are a cinch to use and there’s in-game help to guide you through the various features.  For more information, there’s a page for Core Blaster up on the Official PlayStation site for the Republic of Ireland.

So, for £2.49/€2.99 on the PlayStation Store you get a cracking little game that you can play on your commute to work, when you’re taking a break for a few mins, or just as a break from the big hitters such as Call of Duty or FIFA.  Rather like Angry Birds or Doodlejump.

Right, so here’s how the giveaway is going to work, I’ll release 6 codes just below, the 7th on my Facebook fan page, the 8th on Twitter, the 9th on Sleight of Hand, and the 10th one will appear somewhere on Los Havros on Christmas Day.

3) JQ9G-FPN2-F9P9
6) 5EPQ-Q2NK-23MN

When will No.s 7, 8 and 9 appear?  Sometime over the next week or so…  Merry Christmas everyone!

Los Havros

27/12/10 Update: The 8th PSN Code has been tweeted, and the 10th was posted here on Christmas Day.

29/12/10 Update: The 9th code has gone live on Sleight of Hand. Be quick, and it’s yours!

02/01/11 Update: The 7th code has been posted on the Facebook fan page, and that’s all codes gone!

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